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Week Five Accutane



So it's the end of the 5th week. Went to the the derm last week and blood work is normal. Talked about everything with him and he said things were going good. He upped my dose to 30mg twice a day so that I get my total by the end of the course. I am now taking Absorica which is a powder capsule.

So that pimple I felt in the beginning of the week above my chin came too. It took 4 days for the thing to form but it never really grew big and angry, just a bump that I can feel the puss filled in. It was right below my soul patch so the hair covered it a bit. Well yesterday it stopped causing pain when I scrunch my mouth which is always a good sign. But as stupid as I am, I tried popping it and some hard puss did come out by I also damaged the skin around it. And now that Accutane makes my skin heal slower, I get to see it for the next week or so.

My nose is smoothing out nicely, fewer and fewer blackheads a day. But on a bad note, I had a terrible cold this past week, blowing my now every 10 minutes. Well I am over it pretty much now but it left the bottom of my nose very very dry and peeled. Well stupid me again started to peel away the skin a low and behold, my left tip started bleeding. Never had that happen before. Now I have two red marks on the right tip of my nose that will scab up nicely. Geesh...lesson here...don't pop and don't peel!!!

So no new pimples this week. When I was on Trentenoin and Doxy, I would go about 2-3 weeks without a pimple and then get a nice whopper. I'll give it another week or so to see if I get one...or maybe my IB. Who knows!

Still a few dry spots on my face but it's getting better. Only have to moisturize in the morning and it's winter here. My neck and back of my neck have healed from the dryness. My arms are much better. The scabbiness has gone away. Been moisturizing with Eucerin Skin Calming Creme instead of lotion per my derms suggestion.

Lips are still dry as hell. Use Aquaphor all day but no matter how much I use, they still peel. When they peel leaving red marks, I use Neosporin on it and it seems to help the next day. No serious cracking though. And I have big lips!

Eyes are getting a bit dryer but I don't have to use drops yet. I stare at a computer screen all day so that doesn't help.

Hair is still stupid dry but the Nizoral is helping any dandruff. No aches or pains, no trouble pooping, no depression (except for when I tried popping my pimple and peeling my nose), no other health issues. On too week six!

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No I didn't. I normally didn't get many spots at one time, just the big on every few weeks. I was on Trentenoin and Doxy right before Accutane so I think that helped prevent an initial breakout. I have gotten 3 decent pimples since I started Accutane but no serious breakout. Yours will get better, almost guaranteed after a few months from what I have read. Keep with it.

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