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Day 120



So, I remembered that I had this blog! I have been on accutane (absorbica) for 4 months now. I took a month break because I don't have insurance and my self pay program got canceled, and it took time for me to be approved for another one. But thankfully I have, and I am now starting month five! My dermatologist said this will most likely be my last month, but we might push it more. I am currently taking 40mg twice a day.

I still have very dry skin, dry lips, dry nose (that's a new one) and super dry hands. I no longer have any active breakouts, but the scarring is still very bad. It's all over the sides of my face, and without makeup my skin doesn't look nice because of it. It's also very red, to be expected. My skin does look a lot better than it did four months ago, though, don't get me wrong. I'm very thankful this has been helping, and I no longer break out.

At this point I am just wanting skin without so much scarring and am kind of fearful that since this may very well be my last month on accutane, that when I'm off of it all my acne will come back.


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