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Week 13 - Retin A



I feel like my skin was better without the retin a. I have 21 small pimples on my forehead, they're small but all together my forehead looks like shit. I also have some small bumps where my sideburns would be if I had them and a few on my cheeks.

I don't understand how I'm breaking out again. I'm not close to my period. I didn't sit and eat a bucket of sugar and milk. There's really nothing I can think of. I feel like just stopping everything.

I've completely lost hope in this medication. I just want to stop taking everything. It's just making things worse.

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Hey! I'm using Retin A too (11 weeks) so I can understand you. I'm still worse than before using retin-a .. but I think that we can't lose hope. This treatment needs time, don't forget it.. I wish you the best, let me know!!

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