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Claravis Day 1-14



I got my prescription for 60mg of Claravis and began taking it January 25th.

My derm told me to take both 30mg capsules with dinner every night.

Day 1-3: Nothing noticeable happened. I probably had 2-3 actives on my chin and not much else on my face. It's the clearest I had been for a while.

Days 3-6: I begin drying out. My lips are extremely dry. I apply aquaphor to my lips every half hour or so. My face begins to feel itchy. I start to feel a breakout coming on my chin. (As I said in my last post, I'm not certain about terminology, but what normally happens is a feel a pinching sensation in an area and then the next day there is a small, painful bright red lump there). I do notice that two of the spots that break out are white heads and they come faster than any I'd ever had before. What is normally the 2-4 day lifespan of a whitehead happens in 12-16 hours. From tiny bump with white spot to huge bulging puss filled white spot.

Days 7-10: Pretty big breakout. I'll probably post some pictures when I get the chance. I have more acne on my chin now than I've had in a long time. I probably have 10 or so painful nodules on my chin. Even worse, I get three actives on my top lip line. Those really hurt. I call my derm and he says to come over for cortisone injections. He injects them and they settle down a bit, however there is a decent amount of discoloration on my lip and skin. Also, I begin to notice some eczema on the back of my right hand. The skin on my chin and above my lips is dry and flaking. It doesn't matter how much or little moisturizer I use. If I rub my finger across those areas, flakes of dry skin come up. Not really a problem anywhere else on my face at the moment.

Days 10-14: Break out continues. Some of the area my derm injected go down, some don't. One on the lip gets a bit worse so I go back to him for another injection. Also, when I say on the lip, I mean on my upper lip below my nose and half on the lip, half on the flesh. FTR, it is in fact acne and not anything else You may think it's over kill, but trust me, acne on the lip line is extremely painful and embarrassing. Also, I notice that I've been getting night sweats for the past week or so. I will wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. I've never had that happen before. I plan on mentioning to my Derm next time I see him (for the prescription refill) if it continues. I've also noticed that my skin seems more oily or more shiny. I'm not sure how to define it. I normally have fairly dry skin, so this is definitely different for me. Also, my pores are huge. They've always been fairly large on the area around my nose, but it looks like they're opening up everywhere else (except my cheeks so far).

Products I'm using and my routine:

CeraVe Cleanser in the morning and evening.

CeraVE Mosturizer in the morning and evening.

Eucrein(sp?)- to mostuirize my body (all of my body)

Aquaphor- for my lips during the day

Vaseline - for my lips during the night.

It's still winter here, the temperatures are cold, so it's making the dryness that much more pronounced. However, one of the reasons I started Claravis in the winter is because come spring and summer, I am outside all the time in my free time. I enjoy outdoor activities, gardening, etc. I didn't want to be stuck inside for the entire summer because Claravis made my skin extremely sensitive to the sun. So I decided to start my treatment during the winter months. I'll be a little over 2 months into treatment by the time spring rolls around. Hopefully I won't still be breaking out at that point.

I will try to update weekly or bi-weekly. To be honest, I probably need the catharsis offered by this journal more than anyone reading it needs the information contained herein.

Oh well. Feel free to ask my any questions about my Claravis treatment. I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


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