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My Story




I have been suffering acne since I was in grade 7, and I am now currently in my first year of University. So you could say I've had it for a while! My acne is on and off and very inconsistent. Sometimes it's really bad that I don't even want to go out and other times it's as though I have nothing.

The ares that breakout the most for me are my jawline and cheeks, my forehead breaks out randomly and sometimes on my chin I get huge ones usually around the time of my cycle. When I do breakout I have the awful tendency to pick. I am fully aware that it merely causes more breakouts and causes more damage to the skin. I think by nature we all have this tendency because who wants a white pussy bump on their face?! Yet after we regret it because it is only worse when that bump turns red and becomes a scar. I have learned and have definitely avoided picking. I do have some scars and would like to hear your suggestions to eliminate or diminish them. I also tend to break out on my chest and back. It's not severe, and they aren't huge, but it is rather annoying and embarassing.

Please let me know of any tips or suggestions! I do take probiotics, vitamins, fish oil, and also oregano oil at night. I also do not drink anything but water or green tea. I have eliminated dairy, wheat, and anything processed or with excess sugar. I'm not sure what else I can try doing. I've tried SO many different kinds of meds and creams, etc. I was thinking of accutane but my mother claims it's too dangerous and harmful.

Let me know what you think please and thank you! :)


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