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Month 3 Update



Halfway done! (I hope) Day 90.

My dermatologist bumped me up from 30mg to 40mg/day. She was going to keep me at 30mg but I'm going to be out of state for an internship starting in May so we are trying to get me up to the cumulative dose and off the drug by then.

Not much new to update though! Still have a few small closed comedones that become inflamed and don't come to head but those are occurring less and less! They aren't cystic by any means but they do turn red and just sit on my face since I can't pop them. I only have 1 of those right now and its already going down. I also have a few enlarged blackheads, but my derm said those won't go away until the very end of treatment (very annoying). My nose was looking very gross with blackheads but I finally caved and used a biore strip and oh my gosh I regret not doing that sooner!! I was afraid it would rip off my skin but it didn't and it took out so much gunk. I made sure to cut the sides of the strip off so the it was only on my nose and not on the under my eyes -- I felt like the skin would be too fragile there.

Other side effects --

- my skin isn't really that dry! All thanks to Clinique intense moisture surge. Get it and I swear you will not be disappointed!

- lips aren't dry they are just always peeling (maybe I'm over moisturizing them so they peel?)

- still having lower back pain especially after I run. I am praying this goes away when I get off of Accutane!

So happy to be starting month 4! I hope I don't breakout from increasing doses. Any tips and advice is always welcome!

Until next time :)


I might have to break down and get a sample of the Intense Moisture Surge!

I hear ya on the peeling lips...mine are so peely, too! It's like skin comes off of them in sheets! I usually try and buff them (for lack of a better word) with a wash cloth at night before bed and that seems to help.

I'm considering training for a 10k which happens at the end of March so I wonder how that'll go in terms of low back pain? My hip flexors have been sore, and I've had some lower back pain, but nothing crazy.

Glad to hear you're doing well!

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You HAVE to try intense moisture surge!! I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Fish Oil tends to help with the lower back pain though...I'm just hoping that it goes away once I get off accutane! I'm a runner too so its so inconvenient having the pain :( I haven't been able to run long distances lately its very frustrating.

But I hope you're doing good as well!! :)

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