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Week 12Ish, Round 2



  • 1st checkup with derm today for my 2nd course
  • Had been on 30mg for a month but went back down to 20mg to stretch pills before this appointment
  • Talked to derm and we decided to stay on 20mg for atleast 3 more months
  • 20mg minimises my redface amoung other side effects
  • Redface status: Mild
  • Skin status: 90% clear, approaching what it was like when I finished my first course
  • Need to wear more sunscreen cause i got some sweet sunburn the other day, which though has become a nice tan colour is too dangerous to play around with
  • Only real concern right now is that I feel my hair is thinner than pre-accutane (14 months ago), asked derm about it and he said to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse/bad it may be a sign to stop


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