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About Me



Hey everyone, I've decided (like most people) to document my journey on Accutane.

First things first, a bit about me. i am 36 years old and have struggled with acne for 20+ years. When I was a teenager I was severely depressed and hated the way I looked, mainly due to the condition of my skin. Like everyone else here, I have tried everything when it comes to trying to clear up my skin. I even remember I was so desperate I used to put nail polish remover on my face to try to help it.

After I had my children I decided to try Proactiv. BIG MISTAKE. I had also been to a dermatologist who prescribed antibiotics and they did nothing except make me really dizzy. Proactiv seemed to be the answer for a while, and I was on it for about 5 years.

It was last year that I noticed the acne coming back, and it was very different from anything I'd ever experienced. I discovered it was nodular cystic acne, and it was on my neck and mostly around my jawline. I felt so disgusting I didn't even want to leave my house. My face hurt so much sleeping was even painful.

I decided I'd had enough and after a long period of waiting being shuffled from referral to referral, I finally received my prescription for Accutane. I could have skipped out of the office I was so excited. I have an upcoming endocrinologist appointment because my derm thinks it is related to some of my hormones being elevated, so I'm hopeful once I get that under control I will finally have clear skin.

Sometimes I feel so alone because out of all the people I see on a daily basis, their skin is the first thing I notice and no one has skin like me. I am almost 40 and it's so frustrating because I thought for sure it would be gone by now.

I'm grateful I have a place to come to because I realize now I'm not alone.

Thanks for listening!


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