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7 Months



Hey, so just checking in with my monthly update. Nothing new to note, month seven of dianette and differin. No breakouts, scarring still fading. Feel so much better with and without make up. I think it will take me a long time to get over my insecurities about my skin because my last breakout was the worst I have every had. This regimen is keeping me clear and giving my skin time to heal. I am hopeful that in a years time things should be even better, as I have heard that hyper pigmentation take up to two years to fade fully, and mine is fading every month. The differin doesn't dry my skin or bother me. In the last month I moisturiser first after washing my face when I get in from work and apply my differin before bed, my skin is soft and that combination seems to work well. Still using my protect and perfect serum with salicylic acid during the day, again it is nice and can be used on top of moisturiser and I think it had made a huge difference, my pores are getting smaller, my forehead feels smooth and my only problem is my hyper pigmentation and id say about three shallow scar, which I hope will be hardly visible once my redness goes right down, and I have heard that differin can help with collagen if used long term. I'm not gonna lie I have times where I feel down, but my family have said I have develop body dysmorphia, they say my skin looks great but I still see the redness and scars. I am on new anti depressants and I have always had ocd and anxiety so anyone else would probably be happy with their skin yet I seek total perfection so I am working on sorting my head out as well as my skin. I have added my skincare regimen to earlier posts and don't want to make this one too long, just to say things are still going well for anyone starting this regimen or thinking about it....any questions I am happy to answer.

Gill x

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Hey, its hard to listen to them I know. My mum still can't really SEE the scars and hyperpigmentation that I can, all they look at is the bigger picture which is just our full face being smooth and clear and that we are happy...they don't look at the teeny weeny details that we do.

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