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My Story



i have had 4 children and have serious stretchmarks. My youngest is 5 years old so these are old stretch marks. You will note from the before picture that my skin is uneven, marbled with white striae.

Frosting occured almost immediatly when applied to the stretch mark. Later for subsequent days feeling like a sunburn. I have been taking Collagen pills and appying aloe vera to sooth the sunburn feeling and keeping it constantly moisturized. The third picture is Day3.


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Do you have acne? I have one child but no stretch marks. I am lucky I have super oily skin. The downside to having super oily skin is that it is prone to develop lesions. I now have a regimen that works really well. Amoxicillin 500mg 6 times a day, benzaclin twice a day, tretinoin and topical clindamycin at night. My face is pretty much clear. An ocassional zit, nothing more. Peace!

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