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Acne Can Do So Much Damage!



Hello EVERBODY(i mean everyone who has acne),

i know that struggle with acne. I don't know much about it, but i know how it feels like. Absolute 100% I know. First off, let me tell you

everything you should know about me.

I am a teenager, and i started getting acne when i was like 12 1/2. It started with little zits on my chin. My chin is small and the zits were small and invisible. They were bothering me, so i started to pick at them. Then when i was 13,about 10 months after my birthday i got the worst cystic pimple on my right cheek.

It was the first worst one. Man, it took Ssoo long for it to go away. I got told not to pop it,so i didn't. But, it was like 2 weeks after it came up and it was still there, so i decided to pop it. I poped it and it left a scar.

That was during the summer 2013. Then, i got a couple more little pimples around that huge cyst. But it didn't matter because it wasn't that bad. My family and I went to Florida on vacation in August 2013 and that salt water of the ocean cleared 2 scars i had on my right cheek. That was great. Then in september, my pimples kept coming back. Yes, of course they were small but i had a clear face and that bothered me.

I didn't pop any of my pimples until October maybe. I don't know, i lost track. But anyway, my acne became even worse , it became the worst out of the worst for me in november. December was a night mare to live through.

Every time i went to church, i always had the feeling everyone would stop and stare at my bare face( i DO NOT Wear coverup, Nuh uh, no way) Christmas was a pretty big deal to go through because i poped my pimple in the middle of my face between my eye brows and blood came out , so while i was on stage i had a dark back spot on my forehead and it felt horrible, but then again, i had all these other pimples on my chin, and huge amount on my forehead and little but on both of my cheeks.

My mom's side( she has 7 siblings) and none of them have acne, you know occasional pimple here and there, but my dad had horrible acne, and he still has enlarged pores and scars on his face. I have an older brother who got the worst acne from my family including me but now it looks like it's going away, my sisters don't have acne, a pimple here and there, so it's me and my brother. when my mom always looks at me, i try to start a subject before she says anything about my face because she never had acne and she tells me to do this and that and she just doesn't know what it feels like. It feels like she judges me every time she looks at me.

It's hard to deal with this kind of stuff, especially in teenage years where you just want to enjoy your life the way it was when you where a pre-teen.

I don't get depressed, i try to stay strong even though i do break down sometimes in my room and cry! Whenever i feel like someone is criticizing me, i always tell them to thank God that they don't have acne like i do. I attached a collage of how my face is from the beginning stages of my acne to now so you guys can see.

I always try to be active and energetic to deceive people of my true feelings on how i feel about my face and my overall acne. For now, that is my method.

Currently i'm using Acne.org's The Regimen. Every time i put it on, i always pray to God that he heals and blesses me through this product. Everyone, Stay strong. I know what it feels like.

I hope someone reads this and compares to themselves. I'm sorry for such a long blog. GOD BLESS EVERYONE! Stay strong and aCnE Free!!!Thanks for taking the time to read this. smile.png


Hey... I understand you at 100% . I have been having acne since 2 years ago.. It went away this summer but it returned in October so.. I know how you are feeling.

I wish you the best.. let us know! smile.png

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hey!! I can totally related about how your mom seems so nit picky at your skin cause mine did the same. at the end of the day they're not doing it out of malice only out of concern. good luck on the regimen and for someone so young it's nice to hear you strong you've been :D! keep at it :>

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