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So I Made The Decision



Well I just woke up and looked in the mirror. I seem to have developed a new pustule on my cheek along with more pus filling the papsules so now they are visible whiteheads. I also have loads of red marks all over my jaws and a deep cyst that plays peek a boo with me between the eyes. Every single one of my pores seems to be clogged and my face just seems like a ticking time bomb for new inflamed bumps to appear. Then again it's been on this downward spiral for about a month now. I feel so alone. I choose to not hang out with any of my friends anymore because I don't want them to see the drastic change and see the look on their faces when they see mine. Im crying while I type this. Over all Ive got like 9 or 10 white heads that are still growing on my face. My dilemma is that I believe my state insurance ends tomorrow as it said on the news and I cannot get a ride to the docs office to get a prescription for Accutane. If I was to wait to go tomorrow then I would have to pay like 1000 dollars as apposed I went today and would have to pay 15. My family seems to have given up on the prospect of helping me because my skin seems like a lost cause. And it just feels like im typing this for nothing but idc maybe someone will see it and give me genuine advice.

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I know how all of that feels like. IT SUCKS so bad. No one will know unless they have the same thing. I don't have cystic acne yet, and i hope i don't, but my acne is getting pretty bad every week, day by day, that's why i use THE REGIMEN. I hope that this regimen helps to clear my whole face.Every time i put it on, i pray to God that he blesses me trough this treatment. And a genuine advice for you my friend would be, thank God for your acne, if you curse God or blame him for what's happening to you right now, then things won't get better, they will worsen, so Thank God (i know, it's hard to thank God, but just do, With ALL YOUR HEART) and pray with faith that he hears your plea, and he will answer. Out of no where you will be blessed like never before. Believe in that, and it will happen. Trust that God has a plan for you, that's why this is happening. :)

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