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What I'm Dealing With; Behind The Mask



I think *hope* this is my ib. I so desparately want clear skin. With makeup on I feel 'ok'. Without it, I feel hard to look at. I just want to know what it feels like to "feel pretty." Acne has such a major impact on my life. I just want clear skin :/. L this is what I look like without the makeup, anything but beautiful.


Underneath your acne there is someone beautiful. You may not see it yet but you will soon. Hang in there bud. I know exactly how you feel. I know when I was clear and saw with acne my heart would just ache. I felt like I knew and felt their pain. Your'e a beautiful girl. Just keep reminding yourself how great you will look once this is over. Sending you lots of positive energy your way.

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I have to echo previous comments. You ARE a beautiful girl. Now that you are on accutane you should have some hope that things will improve. Things will get better!

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Trust me and trust the regimen. I'm not sure if you're usin accutane or the regimen, because I know nothin about acutane but I know The Regimen kit and it's a matter of some weeks before you start seeing some improvements and some months before you start to like your skin more and more. I know how you feel girl. And it ain't gonna be easy. At first within the first week you'll see some improvements and then sh*t will look bad but it's only a phase, once you pass that and absolutely stick to it, I promise it's only improvements after that. Make sure to always use it once you get up and before you go to bed. Go and carefully read and follow the instructions and again, don't give up! Stick to it! Once your skin gets use to the regimen, bring is AHA+ it's like a spot treatment to prevent any acne before it starts to form. But before that, focus on your 3 step treatment. Also when you go through the rain before the rainbow, meaning when your skin gets worse then before and it's all dry and sh*t that's when you'll need the jojoba oil to mix with the moisturizer. So make sure to purchase that because it doesn't come with the 3 set kit. Worry about the AHA+ later. Hope I helped! And good luck! If you got any questions regarding this regimen you can email me at [email protected]

I'm helping you because girl I know how you feel and I wish I had someone personally help me get the hang of this. I remember doing some crazy research and having tons of questions. Anywho, again, hope I helped. Ciao


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