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At The Tipping Point



Hello all! I'm starting this blog because I believe I've reached a new low with my overall skin condition. Let's start with my skin history. I had perfect skin up until the seventh grade when I would get the odd pimple here and there. But it was just one pimple or two. Nothing that I would get too crazy about. Then around 11th grade I noticed a lot of new closed comedones. I was still a "newbie" in the acne game and I was just confused as to what these little devils were. They weren't blatently obvious like some of the more inflamed pus filled monsters that would soon inhabit my face down the line. I started off using Oxy face wash which seemed to work great! It helped with the inflamed pimple which were only occasional but did nothing for the comedonal acne. Little did I know that using this cleanser filled with harsh preservatives would set me up for the most crushing failure I have ever experienced. I felt like this wasn't effective and I tried a whole array of different cleansers that seemed to do little to nothing. Then I went to proactive. Proactive worked incredibly at first. It made my face glow and best of all: NO INFLAMED PIMPLES. When I graduated highschool my acne seemed to take a turn for the worse and completely disregarded my applications of proactive. I started getting new types of hideous lesions. Numerous pustules and papsules ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And when I would pop one(recently I haven't been popping) another would start to form. I was getting these zits at an alarmingly fast pace. They take so long to heal and when they do, a raised red mark is left for god knows how long........okay so that's when I decided to visit a dermatologist. She gave me a chemical peel called actinage along with microdermabrasion. The initial results were fantastic! its like I was granted a new face! :DD Then I started to peel and quickly after the peeling was over, a new round of pimples showed up, followed by another and then another, leaving me with what my former friends call a "pizza face". I used to be a good looking chap. With thick flowing hair and bright green eyes and the ladies loved me. Mostly, my face wasn't a complete wreck. Acne has taken my innocence. It has brought me to my knees and continued to beat me until I have no fight left in me. ACNE HAS MENTALLY DESTROYED ME. So I have come upon a last little glimmer of hope and the multiple glowing reviews for Accutane have convinced me. I'm sorry this has been such a long post but I had to properly convey my feelings of anguish and complete hopelessness. Please if you read this leave a comment. I don't care what it says I just don't want to feel alone anymore. Thanks!


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I went three years without treating my acne because I did not have health insurance. I went in the sun without sunscreen and got burned and it left dark marks and I have scars. I hate F'n acne just like you. I feel that it ruined my 20s. Now I am 39 and STILL battle acne. Thank god I found a good regimen that works for me and my face is now calm. I hope accutane works for you. It has helped a lot of people. Peace out!

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If your currently using Accutane, Bless it. Just say "God, I bless this with your Holy Blood-Amen" With that said, you have to believe. YOU HAVE TO!! I feel the same way about acne. I have 2 sisters, and out of my 2 sisters, i have the worst acne. My sisters don't even have acne, they have like 2-3 tiny very tiny zits. You cant even see them. But, if your not on Accutane, then order the Regimen, full set. Plus jojoba oil for the moisturizer(because Benzoyl Peroxide dries our you skin). After about 2-3 months you'll see results. And after 6 months, your face will be clear. I'm currently on the Regimen for 7 days now, and i don't see any thing so far, but this treatment is a slow process, by quitting, you'll make it even slower. I've seen so many GREAT reviews for this product. That's why i still have hope,i also want to give you that hope too. Don't let your self down. You just have to be patient. Have hope! It's hard, i know. I know that feeling very well, but always stay positive, God has a plan for your life, don't let these thoughts of suicide kill you internally.PLEASE DON'T~ i will be very sad. I don't know who you are but we have something that connects us. That's for you to figure out. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!! :)

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I haven't started Accutane yet but my dermatologist gave me this retinol cream which is a tad bit like Accutane topically im hoping it helps. I think it is because ive noticed a decrease in pustules

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