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Skin And Emotions Run Dry



Hmmmm I pick too much. My jawline has a couple of decent sized bumps. But my cheeks are still healing. Maybe if I could keep my hands off of my face it would already be healed. My skin is so dry. My eyes burn, and I just feel very blah today. Like emotionless. But I highly doubt it's the accutane. I'm just sleepy, I did take two sleep aids last night. Maybe I just never woke up. Also noticed that where I cut the palm of my hand last night, there is no scab it's still an open slice. Maybe slowing down my healing? Not sure.

I'm so impatient, I want results and I want to like what I see when I look in the mirror. Here's a pic if me where u can kind of see the dryness, but I do have makeup on and I know it looks like shit. *hang in there self*


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Have you tried jojoba oil for dryness? They have one here but it was almost too sticky for me. I buy filtered cold pressed organic. The unfiltered made me a sticky mess.

Your skin looks a lot better btw :)

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No I haven't tried that, ill have to look for it! And I think my issue is after taking my morning pill, my skin just dries out really bad around noon. My skin does look a little better, but I'm wearing makeup in this picture. I wear revlon color stay 24 hr, it covers really well! I will take a picture later when I get home after I take off the makeup.

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I used to pick my skin...omg it was so wrong..my doctor told me that it actually ruptures the pore and spreads the infection under your skin. I never pick anymore because, I always use all my medications and have zero pimples. Lucky me. I hope accutane works for you. You are a beautiful girl.

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I can't help picking! L especially bc of how accutane makes you peel in "sheets".any tips on how to stop picking, besides just don't? It's a bad bad habit for me, maybe I shout cut off my hands. Hah. Thank you for the compliment, I wish I felt beautiful .

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It is kind of confusing if I really think about it. The whole picking conondrum. With boils, sometimes a doctor will lance a boil and drain the pus out; which is essentially what you are doing when squeezing a zit. You are draining the pus out. One thing that helped me stop was that I stopped touching my face outside of washing it and applying topical medications. The hands off approach may work for you. Best wishes! How did you know my screen name is L? My name is Leanna..omg you must be a gifted psychic!

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i didn't even know I put that in there! Strange! Haha I will try the hands off approach... But, is picking off a piece of dead skin really goofing to hurt? I just can't stand it ahhhhh!!!

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I know what you mean. Makeup does not really go on well on flaky skin. I never squeeze unless I see a whitehead then I gently push. So I cant judge. lol I wish I had the guts to put my picture up. :/

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Please do! No one is here to judge it helps everyone to see pictures. I had a hard time doing it myself. But I did , and I feel so much better putting it out there after hiding it so long under makeup.

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