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Retin-A Micro Week 9...exciting News!





My right cheek is clear. Clear. CLEAR.

This is kindof a really, extremely, ginormously big deal in my world.

Like I'd put it on the national news if I could.

And not only that, but it is starting to look like a normal cheek. The scars are still there, but the hyperpigmentation is so faded. Compared to healthy skin, it has a ways to go. But compared to the skin I'm used to seeing....my jaw literally dropped when I washed the makeup off tonight to reveal this. It actually came out of nowhere. Only a few short days ago it was still covered in clogged pores and red lumpy painful spots.

The rest of my face seems to be following suit. (suit? suite?)

I still have many active breakouts on my forehead that are still painful at times.

My left cheek is almost as bad as my forehead, but I'm pretty sure it's because I occasionally sleep on that side (I try my best to sleep on my back because even though I change my pillowcases religiously, anything pressing on my skin makes me breakout to high heaven.)

My chin's doing alright. It's full of clogged pores still, but less than before, and the active breakouts are down to 2 which is also a miracle.

I'm hopeful someday I may be able to wear my glasses again, but my skin is still too sensitive to wear them. I break out right away where they touch.

BUT ANYWAY, the super exciting thing is that I discovered a secret, and I've only been experimenting for three days, so I can't be sure, but it seems like this little secret is what's making the dramatic, overnight improvements I've been seeing.

Ready for it ?


....I stopped wearing moisturiser at bedtime. (except around my mouth )

That's all. I'm a religious moisturiser wearer. And none of that thin watery stuff. I mean the thick heavy duty stuff. I NEED moisturiser on my face to survive in life. My skin instantly is super tight and painful without it, and cracks and peels like a bad sunburn. Buuuuuut oddly enough, applying Retin-A micro is like applying a soothing moisturiser on my skin. It immediately makes my skin feel soothed and hydrated. Applying moisturiser after, dilutes the product strength and I guess I wasn't allowing the medication to work at its full potential. The few days I've stopped doing this, I've seen dramatic, overnight improvements. Oh and p.s. I still use moisturiser in the morning, of course.

I wouldn't recommend this to the newbies who are still letting their skin adjust to this medication, but maybe if you're a couple months in, and frusterated like I was, that your skin is still getting worse, try letting it breath by just applying the retin-A on it's own.

Worth a shot !

(Just so you all know, I would die without my CURE exfoliating gel. Google it. It's worth the hype. It's a lifesaver for anyone on a skin-drying product.)


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