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I've already given up on my diet for the most part. Someone mentioned fruit punch and I lost it. However, I'm still drinking a lot more water, avoiding dairy, and consuming a lot less sugar. Martin, Jon, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night and I had a soda and an extra saucy pulled pork...so that wasn't very good at all. My cheeks are slowly healing and nothing new has appeared on them in a few days. I still don't understand why my cheeks started breaking out all of the sudden. I went from having acne on my chin, forehead, and t-zone to having it mostly clear up on my forehead and my cheeks becoming acne-chaos at 20 years old. I don't understand it. It's a bigger shot to my confidence than it ever has been before. I guess it's because I think about cheeks as squishy, cute little things and I've always liked my cheekbones....and now my cheeks look sullen with the grey dullness of acne scarring.

I'm just hoping this whole thing is temporary and my cheeks recover. I try so hard to be hygienic. Over the last year or so I've self-imposed OCD behavior. I wash my hands 20+ times a day and won't go as far as to scratch an itch on my face. I wash my pillowcases constantly and won't touch my face with fabric that I know hasn't been cleaned very, very recently. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I can't go to a doctor to have my hormones checked. When I could afford a doctor about 4 years ago, I went to a clinic and they gave me some shitty cream for rosacea.

Anyway, I'll try and keep this updated and keep trying to eat more healthy foods.

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Hi there, I too started experiencing breakouts that started randomly one day so I know the feeling! I am a RN who works for a derm and I still have to work to achieve clear skin so you are not alone! Today is my second day of eating what I am going to call a VERY CLEAN diet! Literally I'm going gluten-free/dairy free/avoiding white starches and no processed food to see if I can clear up my skin. It is very strict but I actually like how I feel when I eat like this. I have also started gulping only water like a fish! I keep a huge container of water on me with fresh lemon and just drink constantly. I am going to keep doing this for about a month to see if I can regulate my hormones. Any foods that have high glycemic counts such as sweets, carbs, and junk thats hard to digest, activates stress hormones in your body which trigger oil production and inflammation. Also if you have an over production of yeast and you eat these sugary foods, it stimulates yeast receptors in you oil glands that your body perceives as foreign which in turn causes more inflammation at the site of your oil gland. Although a lot of doctors do not believe that acne and diet are related, so that is why i am putting it to the ultamite test. This is just a little bit of what I've researched. I have recently gotten prayed for so I know my acne is healed! Just got to believe these last little bumps are on their way out for good! Sorry for long answer, I have just become very passionate about healthy living!! And praying for clear skin for you too!!!!!

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