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Week Three On Accutane



Today is 3 weeks on 40mg a day.

I missed one day of my pill because I dropped it on the floor (rolled off the counter) and my Boston Terrier happened to be sitting there and gobbled it up. Good news is she suffered no complications and she is acne free!

So I got one medium size pimple on the right side of the nose. It was one of those that I could feel when I scrunched my face. It took about 3 days to develop. It wasn't as red as usual because I think my nose was so dry it covered it up a bit. After the fourth day, I couldn't feel it when I scrunched my face which was unusual because that normally doesn't happen until I pop it. So even when I couldn't feel it, it still hurt by touching it. So I did what we all do and squeezed out the puss. It was thicker than normal so it showed that it was drying up faster. Any who, it lingered around for the rest of the week, finally dried up completely and now I have a small scar on my nose that should fade away within the week. My nose seems to heal faster than the rest of my face. Other than that, no other pustules.

My lips are still dry but have been able to control it with Cortibalm and Aquaphor, no cracking or bleeding. My face is a lot less oily but isn't so dry that i have to put on moisturizer all day, just a small amount in the morning. Again, it's Winter time here WI so it's dry all around.

My nose is really pushing out the sebum. They aren't blackheads because they're all white. I think they refer them to sebaceous filaments. My entire nose is covered with them but they aren't terribly noticeable unless your in my personal bubble. I am resisting squeezing them out because I don't want to irritate the skin underneath. I read that they disappear after awhile.

My hair is really dry but it's always been dry. I use Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo to control the flakes, works pretty well. It used to be only available with a prescription but now they make a lower dose OTC. I did get a dry rash on my left shoulder but it seems to be going away.

Still exercising a lot and no joint or back pains. No headaches, no bowel issues, no nose bleeds and no depression. So far so good.


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