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The Regimen: Five Months In



Let's just start this off with saying that I am a slacker and a baby. Why am I saying this? Because I have started to slack again with keeping up the consistent routine that I should be doing. Why am I slacking? One reason: I'm a baby when it comes to pain or discomfort. I hate benzoyl peroxide with a burning (no pun intended) passion. The stuff works, but it sucks. I'm so tired of my face being dry and flaky and gross all the time. Along with constantly looking like I just rubbed my whole face with sandpaper. Yeah, it's that red. And not to mention: it burns. A lot. And I'm kind of tired of it. Honestly I barely use it anymore because my dry skin just can't handle it. Plus if I really wanted to look like a lobster all day I'd just go sit out in the sun.

I started the regimen in August last year and it was amazing. It worked very well and I'm extremely glad that I started using it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still glad I have it, I just don't use it the way it's meant to be used anymore. Like I said, my dry skin just cannot handle the constant beating it gets from the use of the benzoyl peroxide. I can barely stand putting it on at night and sleeping let alone putting it on again in the morning and having to be conscious while my face feels like it's on fire the whole day. So what I do now is wash my face the same, moisturize, and then use the treatment as a spot treatment in the mornings (most of the time only when I'm not doing anything that day) and then do the same steps at night. Occasionally I'll spread it all over my face (and pay the consequences). My face still isn't clear (not a big surprise) but it's not terrible anymore. I do get breakouts sometimes but they go away in about a day or two. And they're like one pimple maybe every two weeks? Sometimes longer. My skin has just been in a state of sameness. Nothing has really changed since the progress made from beginning the regimen. New pimples appear but once they leave, my face stays the same. My blackheads have been slowly coming to the surface so I can get rid of them. That's about the only change occurring. The tiny pimples are still on my forehead and chin (maybe like two on my nose), those haven't budged since I started. I'm happy about my progress but I just think I have to let my skin settle down or find a better moisturizer (I still use the original one but it leaves my skin a bit dry and flaky sometimes) before I can start up the constant benzoyl peroxide again. Plus I'd like to be out of the winter season because that is really not helping my dryness whatsoever. Hopefully I'll have a better entry sometime soon.

p.s. to anyone who is thinking about trying other moisturizers (what I'm currently doing now to try and find one that might help me more) I have found one that is quite awesome. Plus it helps with the constant burning you always have the pleasure of feeling. This moisturizer actually cools your face. It moisturizes pretty well (not as much as I would really like it to but let me tell ya, my skin is EXTREMELY dry right now so I bet it's actually really great) and unlike the regimen moisturizer I can actually touch my face or scratch it without worrying about flakes and dryness because it makes your face smooth and super hydrated. The cool feeling it leaves (believe me: it's cold on your face, but it's a nice cold, especially in place of burning) stays for quite a while. It eventually dies down but I actually find myself wanting it to be there. It keeps your face feeling hydrated by the coolness. I can't really explain it but it's really worth trying.

The product is from Clean and Clear and it's the Dual Action Moisturizer salicylic acid acne medication (oil-free)

Just a side note: it does say on the bottle that if used with other acne medications and products that it can cause more irritation and dryness. For this reason, I have only used this moisturizer in the morning when I don't used the b.p. so I haven't actually tested if any reaction happens with the two combined. I'll probably test it out eventually.

Also it is a very thin moisturizer (extremely unlike the regimen one) so you have to use much more than one-two pumps. But the pump is very puny anyways so you'd probably figure that out yourself. It doesn't spread the easiest either so I would put it all on your fingertips (don't rub it at all) and dab it onto your whole face, then work it into your skin.

I hope I helped someone. Good luck!


my skin use to be dry and flake city because of the BP but eventually it began to tolerate it and now gets along with the BP just fine. I naturally have a pretty oily t-zone with normal cheeks so that's probably why o:

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