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Day 23



Busy getting ready for school when I thought I should just post quickly since I wont be able to later on. My spots on my left cheek had faded and are almost gone, as for my right cheek still 5 spots remain and are quite sore when I try stretch my cheek or touch it but I have stopped doing that. Lips are good this morning, I just need to remember to keep applying. Nose is still a little dry but I have a cream for that. Also what I wanted to say is I used Benzoyl Peroxide when I had my first breakout and it did wonders for my skin then until a few weeks they all just came back. Also when I was prescribed Differin with my Cyclimycin, it dried out the spots and reduced them in size but when I went to a derm, she told me you are only to use it for a month max otherwise it will have the opposite effect. So I just wanted to tell you all that so you don't have the same thing that I did. Thats all from me.


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