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Week 11 - Breakout Is Gone



So no more breakout. My skin looks and feels a lot less irritated except right after washing. So that's good. I think i'll have to stick to using the retin-a every other day. Maybe I'll reach the point of no irritation. The doxycycline is still making me feel sick.

I had two painful pimples, one at the corner of my lip and a huge cyst under my chin. I also had a zit on my cheek which left a nasty mark. The one next to my lip left a weird dry patch and strangely there's no evidence of the cyst except a picture that was taken of me last week. I also had a few small zits but they all went away very quickly... like within 2 days, but it was still annoying.

Right now I have some tiny bumps along my chin and a few small bumps on my forehead.

Had on pimple on my back. My arms and chest are clear.


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