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1/20/14-Day 1



I'm going to start keeping track of my habits and how they influence my skin.

Today I did a steam treatment. I boiled water, put it into a bowl and put a towel over my head to lock in the steam. After that I used some Clinique or whatever stuff I got for Christmas. It's an astringent. Then rinsed my face with cold water.

I've eaten:

1 small glass of milk (it's going to be hard to cut it out of my diet)

some cheese pizza

Terrible start as far as my diet goes.

Today I'm broken out between my eyes, on my temples, and some on my cheeks. My cheeks seem to be healing a bit, but the left one has tons of little clogged pores. My right one is scarred up and not looking too hot.

I'm PMSing right now and will update when I start my period. I know that some of the acne I have right now is hormonal. I'm due to start any day now. We'll see. I will update on the rest of the food I eat today.

Martin and I are going to the store later where I can pick up some chicken and tuna.


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