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1 Month + 27 Days



I went ahead and decided to ditch the Clarisonic for a week or so. It's nearly been two months and there's no real evidence of it doing anything! I don't feel it's helped with redness, scars, breakouts or anything. Well, it does remove makeup like a boss, but so does my homemade makeup remover.

The breakout I got this week consists of one pretty large pimple on my forehead that is simply big and red. No head yet. I also have two red pimples on my right jaw and one small, inflamed clogged pore near my nose, also on my right side. These are the types of pimples I remember complaining about every time I started using the Clarisonic. Also, any type of manual exfoliation such as scrubs, wash cloths, the baby brush method, they ALL make me breakout! Chemical exfoliation however, is like heaven on my skin. Since the Clarisonic is a form of manual exfoliation, I tend to think it is a bit too harsh for my skin at this present time. So, this is my second night I've gone through my routine without my clarisonic. Honestly, redness has gone down.

However! I've also made a slight alteration. Usually I'll remove all my makeup with my Olive Oil makeup remover then double cleanse with a separate, store bought cleanser with my Clarisonic. So, I've ditched the Clarisonic and changed my cleanser to my Oxy Maximum 10% benzoyle peroxide face wash. This stuff has worked well for me in the past and it was just sitting amongst a pile of other face washes I have, so I decided to try it again. As I remember, that also has helped with red marks in the past. So I think the combination of this great cleanser plus being gentler on my skin (no Mia) has had a positive impact on my skin. The breakouts have been kept to a minimum and I think they will be healing within a few days. They don't really bother me right now.

Oh! One more important thing to note. I'm going to start using my Dermaroller in place of my Clarisonic to start really healing up those scars. So, current, slightly modified routine:

Remove makeup with Olive Oil

Double Cleanse with Oxy Maximum face wash

Pat dry then roll skin (avoiding breakouts!) with derma roller (3-5 days a week)

Apply homemade moisturizer (Tamanu oil, Lavender, Tea tree and Frankinsence)

Apply Reviva 10% Glycolic Acid night cream

All done! I'll just rinse my face with water in the morning.

Along with the birth control, I believe this will have my skin looking beautiful by summer time.

It's been nearly two months now and I've had major improvement. So thankful :)


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Olive oil on your face?! That is too much oil chica! Use Neutrogena oil-free make-up remover pads...You should never add oil to your face...you really need to have a heart to heart with your dermatologist and tell her (or him) that you put oils on your face. I am concerned that your dermatologist may not know you are putting oils on your face....She needs to know so she can advise you to continue the practice or discontinue it.

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Oils can actually be quite beneficial to acne-prone and oily skin when used gently in moderation. When you have a drying face regimen, your skin can freak out on you and over-produce oil to make up for the dryness, which causes more acne. Using oil after a rougher regimen can moisturize the skin very well and actually trick the skin into recognizing the applied oil as its own sebum, halting oil production in the face and controlling oil and shine. 

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