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Week 2 Accutane



So it's been 2 weeks on 40mg a day.

Pimple wise, I had one come in during the middle of the week. It's on the left side of my chin right under my lip. It's not too big but not really small either. It's the Goldilocks of pimples. It isn't festering like my pimples usually do. It's pretty dormant with a slight redishness but not too bad. That's the only one I have gotten this week on my face. I have had a few small ones on my back and chest but I think it's due to my heart monitor chest strap I've been wearing.

My nose is definitely pushing out crap. I can run my finger over it and it feels like I'm running it over a Kiwi, very fuzzy.

My lips are really dry. It just all of a sudden happened at the beginning of the week. They haven't chapped too bad but they have a really dry feeling, almost I lightness. I have big lips for an Asian so of course I can really feel them. I have been using Aquaphor which has been working out well and I got some Dr. Dan Cortibalm which I used one day and it seemed to work well for most of the day. I use the Aguaphor about every 4 hours.

My face isn't oily anymore. So the pimple I had last week caused new skin to come in. This usually happens after my pimples go away. I can peel the dead skin and everything is good. This time I peeled the dead skin and it was all red and stung a bit. It took a couple of days for it to heal but now it's all good. I think by having less sebum, the healing process slows down and so that's why everyone ends up with red marks for awhile.

No muscle aches, no headaches, no nosebleeds, just basically dry lips at this point. I exercise 5-6 days week and my joints feel fine.

That's about it for this week. Hopefully no IB hits. When I went on Trentenoin and Doxy, I didn't have an initial breakout with those. The nice thing about being on Accutane is I don't have to put on creams every morning and night. Just wash with Cetaphil in the morning and night.


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