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Nearly 2 Months In - The Story So Far..



I started The Regimen at the end of November, and if I had to have one positive thing to say about it then I would say that I no longer get cystic acne or big whiteheads, which is a massive plus! However, it's not been plain sailing, I'll talk you through my experience, and if you'd like to offer any tips or have anything to say then please do, I'd love to hear any feedback. Before I start, I'd also like to say that I'm currently on 100mg of Doxycycline a day, an anti-malaria tablet in the Tetracycline group supposed to help stop acne, I don't have a regular 9-10 hour sleeping pattern, it really depends on the night, and for the past 2 months, I can safely say I've not succeeded in drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. I'm telling you this because all these factors could add up as to why my skin is the way it is, and despite some people telling me that your diet doesn't affect your acne, I personally see a difference when I eat healthily in comparison to eating a lot of processed, carb-filled foods, so I am trying to improve my overall wellbeing in order to help my skin clear up. Anyway, without further ado, here's an overview of the past month and a half:

Week One

Not much to report, skin stings a little due to Benzoyl Peroxide, but overall whiteheads are shrinking and becoming less frequent, no itchiness or dryness as of yet.

Week Two

BIG difference when I add the BP into my daily and nightly skincare routine. A full index finger's worth really stings the skin, my eyes hurt, skin gets red and irritated for the first ten minutes, however calms down when the BP dries. Attempted to only apply BP to affected areas (Cheeks and chin), however due to it's bleaching properties, lightened my skin, making it look patchy, so from then on had to apply it all over the face, including unaffected areas

Week Three

No cystic acne anymore, however do get the odd pimple and have a lot of red dots (blemishes/acne scars) from previous whiteheads, so focusing on trying to fade the scars and keeping the skin moisturised, which is tough as I don't want to over complicate the routine, but I don't feel like the moisturiser is doing enough for me, even with added oil.

Week Four

Ordered my AHA Moisturiser (Bravura London 15% Glycolic Acid Night Cream), excited to use it next week so I can hopefully fade my blemishes and say hello to clearer skin for once! Spots have started to appear on my forehead, I never get forehead spots, so although I'm going to carry on with The Regimen, it's made me quite wary of the products as I don't know if they're doing more harm than good. Also still don't use a full index finger's worth of BP in the daytime as I find it waaaay too drying, and it makes it impossible for me to make my makeup look 'normal', even when you add oil to the moisturiser, so only use a fingertips worth of BP in the day, and an index finger in the night. Skin has gotten used to the BP, but it can still sting a little when I use the full index finger.

Week Five

Forehead spots have increased, it's only pimples or tiny whiteheads, but I've never got them before and my forehead is dry enough as it is because of the BP, so unsure of the right amount to use. Blemishes are still very much there, obviously they're going to take a good 3 months or more to fade significantly (If I could be so lucky), and I'm aware that a good night's sleep is essential to allow the skin to repair itself, however it can be really tough once your body's used to a late night routine, but slowly trying to ween myself off of it and get to sleep at an earlier time. Got a few pimples around my face, but I'm putting it down to bad food and lack of fresh air as I have been ill the past week. New AHA moisturiser stings, not seen any improvement with it as of late, I mix it with my moisturiser every night instead of the other 2-3 night a week option, but not seen any difference yet.

Week Six

Still no difference with the AHA moisturiser, skin isn't exactly looking top notch as of yet, but I will admit I'm not as strict as maybe I should be with The Regimen in concerns to the 10-12 hour rule, however I'm most definitely rethinking my discipline in that area as that could be a key factor in why my skin's not exactly made as much of an improvement as I'd like it to. I also think I could be being impatient and maybe expecting my blemishes to have faded and all spots to have completely gone is a little unrealistic, but all I want is just some good results. Forehead spots are no longer pimples, literally just spots now, but it is annoying, and got a couple of tiny cheek pimples too, but nothing too extreme. My neck however has become really itchy as of late, despite the fact I don't put the Benzoyl Peroxide on my neck, it can get red and a few rashes appear if I itch too much. Still trying to find a way around this, tried E45 Cream, Oilatum and Aqueous Cream but nothing really does the job in terms of moisturising my neck, it's still quite dry. I am changing my diet by cutting out crappy carby foods like crisps and sweets etc, I'm exercising daily, working on a 'proper' sleeping pattern and attempting to stay hydrated all day, so hopefully I'll see some results with that, but so far, this is how it's been for me. I guess it's different for every person, and I knew before I started that my skin was sensitive, so perhaps The Regimen isn't exactly for me? But if The Regimen isn't for me, then what is? If anybody wants to comment, then like I said, please do, I'd really like to hear your stories and if you experienced anything similar or recommend anything.

Have a great day m'lovelies! x


You should try it for 3-4 months before giving up. It took 2,5 months for me to see good results but it varies depending on each person. I never increased a dose of BP and use very small amounts (finger tip) in my regimen. I never felt the need to increase the dose because I started to clear up with tiny amounts of BP and carried on with it for a year, still do. My neck was itchy and I had a rush a few times but it stopped. Changing your diet, sleep pattern and exercise regime will help you but it also takes time for results to be seen. Whatever your medication or regimen choice for acne is do not stop healthy diet and lifestyle as it is beneficial in more ways than one: internally and externally:) good luck!:)

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