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1 Month + 24 Days



So, within a single day of using straight rose hip seed oil on my skin I got a breakout. I did more research and found that that oil is actually not recommended for acne-prone skin, though it is excellent for scars. So, I am not currently using that oil anymore. Also, I've changed my carrier oil to Tamanu Oil. It's supposedly one of the top oils for curing skin issues, everything from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation to acne. I've been using that for 4 days now. Obviously, I have not noticed a difference. I mix Lavender, tea tree and frankinsence in my Tamanu oil and apply about a nickel size to my face each night. I'm going to start applying it in the morning as well.

The breakout I mentioned cleared with excessive use of tea tree oil, but I find I'm breaking out again. One scar has re-inflamed. I have a good mid-sized one on my right jaw and about three clogged pores on the left side of my nose.

I've been taking birth control for several months now and am pretty shocked that my skin isn't pimple-free. The last two times I've taken, it cleared at month three. Now it's been nearly six months. So, it makes me wonder if it simply has stopped working (which would mean my skin regimen IS working) or that something I'm using is making me break out despite the BC. And part of my wonders if it's the clarisonic. But I don't want to stop using it either. I'm scared that if I stop using it, I'll break out more because maybe it's actually helping. But if I don't stop using it, maybe I'll continue to break out! I'll give it a couple more months....

So, still using olive oil to wash makeup off alongside a double cleanse with my Clarisonic. I follow this with a mixture of Tamanu oil, lavender, frankinsence and tea tree. Once that sinks in I apply my Reviva 10% Glycolic Acid cream. And voila! All done.


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