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My Regimen Journey - Nearly 3 Months In

Liam Foster


Hey people. It's been quite a while since i last wrote a blog post so i thought i would update you all on how i have been getting on. In the November of 2013 I finally decided to purchase Dan Kern's regimen that i had been pondering over for a hell of a long time. I was reading all the thousand's of reviews that spoke so highly of it and thought I might as well give it a try.

So I am about 2 and half months in now, nearly hitting the 3 month mark; and my the regimen has helped clear my skin pretty well; however not all of it. I love having a regime that i can follow easily and which helps my skin feel clean and fresh and it gives me peace of mind that the regimen is friendly to the skin. My acne scars/pigmentation is still very bad however the regimen has helped clear my cheeks of acne very well and currently i only have 1 active spot on my right cheek. However the main concern is still my forehead which just seems immune to every single medication possible in the world, IT JUST WILL NOT HEAL!!! About 2 weeks ago my forehead was relatively clear and all i had to deal with was the terrible redness, scars and pigmentation; but just like always that hope was quickly eradicated as a few days later i got acne again, and right now my forehead is full of painful, inflamed red spots that i have no idea of to why they have formed.

The regimen is slowly helping however i honestly do not think it will be the thing to totally help get rid of my acne. I still get new spots every week or so, especially on my forehead. I honestly have no idea on what to do, or how to stop my body/face producing them. I am on the verge of starting a course of accutane for the very first time which im nervous about, but when you're at rock bottom, you just need a miracle.

I am also currently saving up (even though i havent got a job due to my severe acne/depression) for the 'York Test' food intolerance test. It is the most highly regarded and precise food intolerance test out there and checks your blood for over 100 foods! I desperately need help to know what is causing my body to still produce acne on a regular basis; and not just little spots, i am talking big painful red spots! I know that gluten, wheat and dairy cause me to break out and i havent consumed any of that for a very long time now, so i know it must be something else that is causing it. Whether that be food related or what, i just dont know.

I will continue on the regimen for as long as i can afford to keep buying it, but it's looking bleak at the minute as my face will just not heal. It seems like nothing will ever work.


Hope you're able to find what's causing it! The food test sounds like an excellent idea! I'm very impressed that you cut out gluten and dairy- I've been cutting out gluten and limiting wheat and it hasn't been easy, but there is tremendous motivation behind it as it has been the cure for my acne. No number of delicious breads and cereals is worth the suffering it causes.

I don't know if this helps- but I experienced a similar depression when my acne was at its worst. I had school and a job to go to, and it was really embarrassing when customers at my work would give me acne advice for how to "be very careful to clean all the infections" on my face. How people feel the liberty to accuse acne sufferers of being dirty is lost to me. Through it all what I needed most were people who didn't notice my skin. I had one friend who was like that for me, as when I was clear and announced it to her she looked at me as if she'd never seen me before and said "You had breakouts? I never noticed.". My hope for you is that you have someone similar, as it does great things to pull you through. For your sake, I hope you are able to get a job (online if you must!) and get that food test! It's worth it! And know that thousands of people are going through exactly what you are- and for every person who judges you and stares, there is another who deeply understands and wishes you the best.

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Have you tried Clindamycin 1%/Benzoyl Peroxide 5% for your forehead? I had the same problem and that was the only thing that would help me. Also before you try Accutane, try NicAzel pills from a dermatologist if you can. I just got my sample box from my derm today. They are supposed to be all natural because Accutane, many oral meds and birth control are not an option for me. Also look into Clearzine pills on amazon (around $34 w/shipping) or acnEase pills ($70 something). They have really good reviews and are all natural. Hope this helps and good luck!

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