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Symptoms Of The Onset Of Hypoglycemia



Unfortunately, there are some patients that category , do not feel the symptoms of the onset of hypoglycemia and lose consciousness immediately , some patients over time, weaken the sensitivity of these characteristics . This is a very important aspect : first, the need to monitor such patients kilometer sugar , hypoglycemia , because it catches them by surprise , and the second , just under the skin or muscle built qlukaqon pursue them ;

thirdly , they have a lot of activities - driving a car , working behind the counter , and so on. refuse to work like it should . So diabetic they must feel the responsibility , and that others should be aware of the dangerous nature of their disease .

It is possible to take into account :

Just to feel the approach of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients may perform work on the life of others .

Retention in patients with diabetes to prevent hypoglycemia , which is always to bring the following ingredients : 5-10 of steak or a small bowl of sugar and sweet drinks ( fanta, pepsi ) , apples , sweet biscuits and 3-4 black bread sandwich . Our "emergency checkmate " should be so , and it should be added to the card to be diabetic . Kartockada your address, your insulin dosage and brand name , last name and phone number of your doctor , the hospital, you should also be indicated.

The above-mentioned caution in patients receiving insulin or glucose -lowering medication concerns low . Hypoglycemia in type 2 diabetes xəsətəlrdə are found , but not as often as in patients with IASD . Now, we give the final answer : We can not accept the insulin hypoglycaemia , even if we 're doing, general release from ? As a general rule , if you are concerned about the loss of consciousness leading to severe hypoglycaemia ( hypoglycemia , 3rd or even 2nd phase ) is possible. However, the ( zero- and first- phase) if it comes to light, it is not possible to hypoglycaemia .

Even diabetes, hypoglycemia is more likely to compensate for how good it is , moreover, there is most likely a short insulinlərlə many inyeksiyalarla treatment - ie , intensive - treatment of insulin therapy .


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