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Day 88



Am I really gonna have to deal with this disease for the rest of my life? I want to know! It is so unfair that my skin teased me with clear skin for about two weeks and now I look like this. Granted it probably wouldn't look as bad as it does if I hadn't picked and squeezed but I couldn't help myself! It's probably gonna be a week before this clears up and by then I assume I'll have others to replace it. Even if that isn't the case, I will have new hyperpigmentation marks when there used to be none. This just had to happen when I'm back at school :( At home I am more equipped to deal with it. I'm able to be patient. But when I'm at school surrounded by so many gorgeous girls that have absolutely no skincare routine whatsoever, I am desperate. I don't understand what's happening! I'm on a diet. I take my vitamins and I am using the medication. In 2 days, I'll hit the 3 month mark. If I'm still not clear, that must mean that it didn't work. Maybe I will have to go on Accutane after all. At least then if my acne goes away, I probably won't have to deal with it ever again.


My friend,

Worse thing is to compare..Please do not compare urself with anyone. God have made us unique in sense your figer print wont match anyone else in world so how you expect your skin to be same like all people.

Be happy with what you have. In this age,it is so normal for all this but i think you think too much about all this,take stress which will do nothing but will make it worse.

Plase relax..Meditate more.

Be postiive and do not make ACNE become so huge issue in life..It is part of life and you handle it accordingly.

I took accutane ( Isotret capsules ), Now i am using regiment..I do not have pimples or acne for 1 yr or so but i am still using to make sure i do not have in future..

Remember clear skin is possible when ur thinking is also clear..

Those girls you mentioning might have some other issues, you just do not know about it.

My 1 friend lost both his hands in accident, i have never seen him cry or depressed ever..He cherishes whatever he have..At least he is alive..

If people like them can smile and live..You have everything my friend..

Life is too precious..Do not make ACNE over come it.

Do not think about it, just give it time..You will see you will become less obssessed about it.

I think you are obsessed about ACNE etc

I faced acne from 16 -22 in age and i know it can take toll on your mind but you cannot have everytihng perfect

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