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Just Finished Month 4 Of 5



I just thought I would share my experience so far with Accutane (specifically the generic brand Claravis). Today is the end of my fourth month; I will be starting my fifth and final month tomorrow. My initial dosage was 40mg/day for the first two months and was increased to 80mg/day for the last three months. I weigh 155 lbs.

Day 3: Noticed some peeling on nose

Day 7: Face and lips very dry/face became red shortly after taking pill (extreme blushing)

Day 9: Some chest and lower back pain/dry scalp

Day 20: Improvement in complexion but still getting several new blemishes

Day 21: Elbows started looking dry/crusty

Day 23: Face is a little worse than before starting Accutane and blackheads are more pronounced

Day 24: Pretty bad breakout

Day 30: Inside of nose cracked, so it bleeds whenever I blow my nose

Day 36: Almost all blackheads on my nose have been purged out

Day 45: New blackheads/plugs forming on nose

Day 59: Face is almost completely clear (no big pimples)

Day 61: Dosage increased from 40mg/day to 80mg/day

Day 62: Two new pimples

Day 63: Two more pimples/arms and backs of hands getting dry (rash-like)

Day 71: New pimple beneath the skin on chin

Day 74: Another new pimple on chin

Day 76: New pimple beneath the skin on cheek

Day 81: New pimple on chin

Day 85: Pimple forming above lip

Day 86: Pimple forming on neck

Day 89: Pain in chest if I make certain movements

Day 91: Small pimple forming on side of face/mostly clear

Day 99: Have four to five small bumps (pimples) on face

Day 100-110: Developed two to three very small pimples/most of the skin on my body is dry

Day 118: Two small patches of bumpy, irritated areas on neck/small clogged pore on forehead and cheek/legs very dry (I never apply any moisturizer to my legs

Day 120: TODAY

General info: Overall, my skin is thinner and tends to break and get scratched more easily when bumped or scraped.


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