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Retin-A Micro Week 7



Over the last couple weeks I've tried adding in a few other acne fighting products back into my routine. I tried tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and a witch hazel/aloe vera toner. It's not going well. The products just make my skin peel more.

A story for youuu : My boyfriend took me out to a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant, and bought us a $115 meal.

We both dressed up (like always, hahah) and had such a nice evening!

EXCEPT...halfway through the meal I went to the ladies room, and brought my purse so I could touch up my makeup (woes of very oily skin). And when I looked at the mirror....I was SO HORRIFIED. My skin on my chin and around my mouth and nose was all scaly and each 'scale' was raised up so my skin looked...fuzzy. I couldn't even pretend to myself like noone had noticed it was so terribly obvious. My makeup was a disaster, and when I desperately tried to rub away the scales it only made it worse. I had done my makeup three hours before, and it had seemed fine at that point. I had to go back to the table holding my head up with a pretend smile pretending nothing was wrong. If you're going to look like a crazy person, might as well be a classy crazy person.

Anyways, the clogged pores all over my face from the beginning of my retin-A micro are slightlyyy less noticable now, although they are still mostly all there.

I've got some REALLY big pimples in the past couple days. Six of them. Like...REALLY big. Really. Buuut overall, my skin tone looks more even. And even though I'm getting huge pimples (painful too), they don't last long. I'm still hopeful.

I just had surgery, so the stress may be what's breaking me out. If I still have all the clogged pores when the dermatologist removes the stitches in a couple weeks I'm greatly considering requesting to be put on Accutane. Retin-A Micro really is my last hope before Accutane, so fingers crossed it will come through in these next couple weeks. I don't really need great results, just something to look at positively!


Hey!! I'm using topical isotretinoin (Isotrex) that is almost as Retin-A.. I'm in the 7th week too and my skin is really really bad with a lot of red\inflamed pimples and whiteheads (I have never had this bad skin.. or not so much) so.. I understand you!!

For these treatments we have to wait.. Hope that we'll be fine.

Good luck :)

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A good moisturizer to use is Simple Rich Moisturizer. My skin has been thanking me for it. Retin-A was drying my skin out like that too at first. Another tip...I just added Panoxyl 4% into my routine and it is working pretty well.

Here is my routine: AM: Wash with Purpose cleanser, pat dry, apply Simple Moisturizer (A little goes a long way, too much will make your skin feel oily), then makeup. PM: Use Simple makeup remover wipe, wash face with Purpose cleanser to make sure all my makeup is off, then wash face with Panoxyl for 1 minute (this step is important to kill the bacteria in your skin), pat dry, use Simple Moisturizer. Before I go to bed I apply a pea sized amount of Retin-A.

I hope this can help you in any way. Good luck! I am four weeks, almost a month into Retin-A so I am hoping it will help.

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