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Day 7 / Day 8



It's been a week since I started Azithromycin and I guess I'm having that initial breakout because I've got about 10 yellow pimples and red bumps.

But I finally got the call saying that they will be mailing out my prescription of Epiduo!

Also picked up my prescription of Clindamycin! I've been hearing good things about it so I really hope I'll see a change soon - I start class again next week wacko.png

So I guess this will be my new regime soon:

Morning Routine:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser

Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution

Olay Complete All-Day UV Moisturizer (Sensitive Skin)

Night Routine:

Grisi Sulfur Soap with Lanolin

Epiduo Gel

(POSSIBLY a second application of Clindamycin, if I feel necessary)

CVS Acne Fighting Moisturizer

Kind of worried that the Sulfur soap with Epiduo and Clindamycin will irritate my skin.

Zithromax - DAY 8

Figured I'd just add this here instead of make an entirely new entry.

So I applied the Clindamycin last night and reapplied it again this morning. So far I'm not feeling too bad. Noticed some of last night's noticeable pimples have dried up (but maybe that's just because I've had them a little longer than I thought. That, or I'm just being optimistic). What did bother me was the smell. I applied the clinda solution with the sponge applicator it came with, and, I didn't read about not doing this until after I'd already done it, but I rolled it around areas of my face and oh boy it left me smelling like poop..


All of the topicals you listed are actually quite mild. The only one that might give you trouble is the clinamycin solution. It also available as a lotion or a gel. In that forms it is less drying.Your regimen sounds awesome. I am sure you will see results within 3 months. It takes awhile to get acne under control.!

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Your regimen sounds awesome. I am sure you will see results within 3 months. It takes awhile to get acne under control.!

Thanks! I actually thought the clindamycin would be the lotion or gel until I read "solution" and opened the package haha.

Thanks for the tip! smile.png

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