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Week 10 - Another Breakout?



I think i;m breaking out again on this stupid retin-a. It's irritating my skin AND it seems to give me a breakout every few weeks now it seems.

Also the doxycycline is now making me feel really sick. I have an upset stomach most of the day and it's just not right.


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What is your skin routine with Retin-A? My derm tried to put me on doxycycline and I told her no. I asked her for a more natural pill and she ordered NicAzel for me. You might want to try that since doxycycline is giving you problems. Good luck!

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I made a post with my new regimen.

I'm going to look for the NicAzel because I take the doxy in the morning and have an upset stomach for most of the day. I tried taking it before bed and it made me get up and throw up then when I went back to bed i could feel gas and vomit coming up in small amounts like it was giving me reflux.

It also makes me vomit if I take it too long after Ive eaten even if i still feel kinda full.

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