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Happy - Day 21



Hi guys wow it's been a week since I last updated you guys and I apologize for that. This past week has been so busy with exams and tests, since my first semester is ending.

Progress - For this past week it's been pretty much the same as my last post on day 15. My third week has got to be my worst week, my confidence level was so low and Ive been hiding in the library or in class pretending to study just so I can avoid seeing people. That was the most insecure I've been of my skin, and my acne wasn't even the problem it was how irritated, dry, and flaky my skin was. During that week also I broke out a little bit, I got 4 pimples on my forehead but 3 of them were small one's but one of them in the middle of my forehead was deeper but not nearly as bad as before. I popped those and they healed in 3 days, now I can't even tell where they were.

Since yesterday my skin looked so much better and I can finally see the regimen really working on my skin. My skin is over the flaky, dry , dark patches phase and slowly in the process of being perfect! My skin is still a little bit red but it just looks like i'm hot or blushing all over, nothing too noticeable. If someone asks why my skin is red I can easily tell them I'm warm. Around my chin I get a small amount of flakes but it usually takes 3-4 hours after moisturizer it will flake a little bit. You can only tell if you're very very close to my face. Also I have no active breakouts currently, 2 or 3 tiny small bumps you cant see but I can feel while applying the bp.

Current Routine-

Wash face for 10 seconds or less with Dan's face wash.

Applying Dan's bp

applying Cetaphil moisturizer

Every other day I exfoliate with the jojoba oil technique.

Today i went out with my friend and I felt so great about my skin, I felt so confident and happy. This regimen is really a miracle worker.


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