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Week 1 Accutane



So today is the start of week 2 Accutane of 40mg a day.

The first week wasn't crazy at all. Some of the results may be due to me being off of Doxy and Trentenoin so I'm not sure what is what.

The pimple on the bridge of my nose never surfaced and the pain went away half way through the week. I got 2 small whiteheads, one on my upper lip that was part of a hair follicle from my excuse of a mustache and the other on the bottom corner of my nose on the left side. These were just whiteheads, no meat to the pimple. I normally don't get these but they came quick and left quick. No deep pustules which is what I usually get. I had been getting 1 -2 pimples on my chest and back a week and it would take about 2 weeks for them to leave. No new pimples and the ones I had dried up pretty fast.

My pores on my nose are getting a bit bigger and I can see some gunk trying to get out but nothing too noticeable. I felt a couple of pimples coming in under my eyebrows (both) but nothing came to be.

Lips were no dryer than usual this week even though it has been below 0 degrees all week. I have been using Aquaphor just to prep myself. No bloody nose and no hair falling out (more than normal that is).

My skin throughout the week wasn't dry although today it does seem dryer and there is some flaking in certain areas but nothing too noticeable. I haven't had to use moisturizer anywhere yet. Day 3,4, and 5 it seemed that my skin was getting oilier but I'm not sure if it was the Accutane or getting off the Trentenoin which was controlling the oiliness.

I've been exercising all week with no muscle aches.

So no big news this week. I believe end of week 2 is when you start seeing dryer lips and other symptoms. Hopefully there is no IB.


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