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Background On My Journey On Accutane.



Soo, I'm one of those millions of people who are suffering with acne and hope for a permanent solution.

Anyways, During highschool it was nothing bad, little white heads on the chin and forehead, and like one big one rarely. Occasionally I would get a breakout, but it would last like a week or two. . I was prescribed doxycline and epiduo. It cleared up my skin really nice, I was amazed at the results

Last year when I started college thats when things started getting ugly,

thankfully it happened when the semester ended but man it was the worst part of my life. It started with little Pimples on my forehead and it spread all over my face. The cheeks were the worst. Plus it was super inflamed. I was super depressed and I would cry myself to sleep. I never left my room, only to shower or use the bathroom. I was embarrassed. I didn't want to talk to anyone because I didn't want them to see my Nasty face. don't want to scare you guys with the horrible details of my depression, it was an ugly path.

anyways around January of last year I was prescribed retin a and moxycline. Omg was that horrible. It just damaged my skin more made my breakouts ten times worse and scarred it. I know about the IB but having like ten Pimples come up everyday was not worth it. I stopped seeing the nurse and I went to see an actual derm doc. He agreed that retin a was doing bad on my skin and prescribed me Accutane. (Btw you gotta wait a month before you actually use the pills, which sucks cus throughout that month my skin got even more worse). When I started Accutane I had severe acne. It was all over my chicks and chin. There was no clear spot.

The first month, I saw nothing happening. My face was just bumpy everywhere. Second month I noticed there was less bumps on my face maybe a few, and third month it was starting to clear them significantly. The months after that went super great. Had no side effects except chapped lips and the IB lasted maybe less than 3 weeks or two. It wasn't bad at all. It was actually a good treatment, but it left me with hyperpigmentation and scars.

After those two months I finished Accutane, I noticed I started breaking out with little white heads, and weeks passed thy started to become persistent. Definitely not as bad as before but I can tell there coming back.

Three days ago, I went to see the nurse, and she prescribed me epiduo again. She claims that I shouldnt have an IB since I was on Accutane. But I'm terrified its gonna be retin a all over again.

I see her again in 2 months, by then she will tell me if I should go back on Accutane. *sigh

I personally hate topical creams, but I'm praying epiduo will help.

Within the last two days I've applied epiduo I noticed my hyperpigmentation (if that's how you spell it) has decreased, its less red but still there. I see two new small pimples coming but I'm pretty sure its just my skin and not epiduo. And I have two small white heads on my chin.

I really don't want to go through this again but I really don't have any choice. Ill update weekly.


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