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Day 13 Week 2



Side effects:

Dry cheeks

Dry eyelids

Dry lips

Mid/lower back pain

Skin changes:

Previous breakouts are healing

New breakouts. Will not go away for about 2 weeks

Overall thoughts: my skin is still improving. Right now I have two active breakouts and the other ones are continuing to heal. My 2 active ones are strange though..they're not normal whiteheads or cysts. They look like big sores. They're dry, rough, and difficult to conceal. My back has also been hurting. Not too bad though but it hurts to stand completely upright. My face has been drying up. Flaky cheeks and my lips too!! I feel like nothing is helping my lips. I've used aquafor, Vaseline, and even olive oil.

Overall I've noticed that my skin takes MUCH longer time to heal. Once I break out, it will be on my face for 2 or more weeks and scar most of the time


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