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Accutane Improvement!



Normally I do weekly updates of my isotretinoin course, however the improvement is suddenly so significant I felt it should be posted a couple of days early.

I have no active acne. No open or infected scabs, no zits, no lumps under the skin, nothing! I still have a few healing scabs, and a worrying (to me, purely because I don't know how I can treat it) amount of scarring but my skin is effectively flat. This is strange to me, considering 5 days ago I was on the verge of giving up!

I know it's early on in the course (9 weeks on Friday the 10th) so it probably won't stay so perfect for long but I've been so negative up until now that I felt it deserved some recognition.

I may just be imagining it, but my lips have got even more dry (which I didn't think was possible!) in a similar time period, which makes me think the isotretinoin was really starting to make itself known in the body.

But anyway, finally a happy update!! I have endless red marks over my face that are definite scars a few noticeable scabs but absolutely no open or seemingly forming acne, which makes me unbelievably happy! The scabs are healing in a way that makes me think they will probably add to my scar collection but I can focus on them once my course is over, so I'm not going to let it spoil how happy I am that the accutane has suddenly started showing such good results.

Hopefully this is the start of even more improvement :)


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