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Hi guys so I'm really enjoying this idea of me blogging everyday on my skin, its very relaxing for me and its a nice way for me to unwind at the end of the day!

Progress: So today I woke up and it was my time of the month, sorry if this is TMI but I thought I'd add it becayse usually around this time I'd get a few more breakouts. I surprisingly didn't have a huge pimple anywhere, but i did notice a 2 or 3 tiny pimples on my forehead but theyre tiny, barely noticeable Also the big under the skin pimple I had on my forehead near my hairline had come up. I didn't expect it too but it did and it had a white head on it so i popped it. I followed Dan's youtube video on popping pimples and it was a safe method. That one will probably be gone by tomorrow. I have also noticed that some dark spots I had from previous big pimples just flaked off! I was verry happy that my dark spots (that werent dead skin) could be peeled off.

How School was today: TERRIBLE. It was my first day back from winter break and oh boy, was i ever self conscious. I felt horrible, all i could think of was going home where I could be alone with no one looking at me. I only stayed really close to my really close friends so when they saw my skin I could easily tell them that i was on a new skincare routine to treat my acne, and obviously they were so supportive for me and my skin. They understood me so well and I have noticed that your true friends shouldn't care what you look like.But as of other people i tried to avoid conversation, eye contact, and even saying hi. During lunch I did not want to go meet all my other friends so i made an excuse to stay in the library because i had to "study." I was even more embarrassed than when i had actual acne! My dry, flaky, brown, splotches on my face made me look like I had a disease.

Changes: So today I was so fed up with my dry, cracking face that i decided to do some research about it here on acne.org. I found a lovely member giving some solid good advice.

Theres the link to the forum if you are interested.

So what I did today was try out what she suggested, I desperately wanted to scrub my face with an exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin but i knew Dan did not recommend that at all and that would totally just irritate my skin. So what she suggests is to exfoliate your ski with jojoba oil. I had ordered Dan's jojoba oil for my moisturizer and thought this could work. While I was taking my bath I poured a good amount of oil into my hands and started massaging my skin, kind of going in an upward motion to really collect the dead skin. As i did this i could feel the gritty skin slothing off, when i looked at my fingers there were brown, dead skin all over in clumps and i was so happy because i pictured my skin to be perfect with all the dead skin off. After i rinsed my face then proceeded with the regimen. After i looked in the mirror to see that my skin was significantly better than before, it looked smoother and more even, but not completely, like 70% but I'm still very pleased.

The Second change I made was to change my moisturizer. I realized Dan's moisturizer did not help with my dry skin at all even with 8-10 drops of jojoba oil, it just made my face look oily. I replaced it with the aveeno body lotion. I know it may not be the best but I'm up for experimentation, i know it helped with my eczema on my body when i was young so I'm hoping it will heal my ugly, flaky skin. I only applied that to my cheeks as of now because my t-zone wasnt very dry, so in my T-zone i applied Dan's moisturizer with 4 drops of jojoba oil. I'm praying and hoping my skin will look better tomorrow because I will not go another day feeling horrible about my skin.


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