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Day 3 Accutane



So it's only been 3 days and no real big changes, to be expected.

Now before I was on Accutane I would wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser and then apply some Proactive BP. I would take 100mg Doxycycline in the AM. Then at night I would wash my face with Cetaphil and then apply Trentenoin and take another 100mg Doxycycline. I believe the Doxy kept my acne at somewhat bay and the Trentenoin kept my oiliness down but it was still oily. My main reason again to do Accutane was to get off the antibiotics.

So my eyes feel a little bit puffier, not really dry though. I had a little bit of flaking around the nose but nothing noticeable. It's also -14 degrees here so that could be the reason too. Lips are no dryer than usual. Before I started Accutane, I had a pimple starting on the bridge of my nose. It hasn't surfaced but you can feel it. You know, when you scrunch you face you can feel those pimples that are about to start. I hate those because they last awhile. Anyways, I don't feel it anymore when I scrunch my face but I can feel it a bit when I touch the bridge of my nose but again no surfacing. My pores are pushing out a bit more gunk out than usual but nothing really noticeable.

No other side affects but again it's only been 3 days. Will update after a week. I'm keeping this journal mostly for me in case I it doesn't work or I have to take another session down the road. My biggest fear is that the Doxy is going to wear off and not keep the acne at bay. Oh well, have to lose a few battles to win the war!

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I know EXACTLY what you mean about the ones on the nose haha I used to move my nose and feel one and be like whyyy me?? lol Try not to worry about everything, I'm almost done with my 3rd month and to be honest theres really nothing you can do but just wait it out. Times flown by, it feels like yesterday i just took my first pill. Its definitely working for me hopefully you have even better luck!

p.s if you have any questions let me know

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