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Curing My Moderate Acne



Okay well to start off I'm 18 years old, I'm a guy, and I didn't start get acne until my 11th grade year. My acne then wasnt so bad so I just bought some proactive and it went away, but the proactive started to dry my face out terribly so I quit using that. About 8 months later, I started get really bad moderate acne. I started to freak out so I was researching everyday ways to cure acne. I tried almnost everything. Different types of facial cleansers( which most of them irritate acne and dry your face out), I tried the oil cleansing method which did nothing, and various other home remedies. None of them worked and my face was getting way out of hand. My face was so red and really dry. It hurt to open my mouth open wide. My chin usually had about 1-2 painful cysts on it at all times. My cheeks were the worst. My forehead , fortunetly, never had any acne on it. It was mostly my cheeks going down through my jawline and my chin. It started to make me really depressed. I stopped hanging out with friends, I stayed inside all day, I hated going out in sunlight. It just really messed up my whole life. I remember thinking about the days where I had no acne and how fun life was. Well, I started to realize what was causing my acne.

  • A major cause of my acne was being stressed out all the time. I know that for a fact. So for anyone who is constantly stressing about your acne, most likely its making it worse. We humans need sunlight and fresh air. Its not good to stay inside all day. And Id have to say loving yourself with the acne is one of the key ways to get closer to clearing your acne. Please believe me on this.
  • Now this is the way I actually cleared my acne. This helped tremendously. I started to drink about 6 cups of green tea a day. In the mornings I squeeze half a lemon into my tea. Its very important to be consistent in this and drink at least 3 cups a day. I personally drink Salada's green tea. But I cannot stress this enough. Green tea is very helpful when it comes to diseases. Im a personal believer that acne comes from the inside in that its not external factors giving you the acne. Its an internal problem. Ive been drinking it for 3 weeks now and honestly, my acne is reduced by 60%. My face barely breaks out. I havnt had once cyst since drinking green tea. My redness is 95% gone. Dark marks are fading slowly. I also rub the green tea bag on my face after im done steeping the tea. That has helped a lot too.
  • I only moisturize with organic aloe vera juice. It apply it about 4 times a day and it feels so good on your skin. You can feel the inflammation go away. It also helps a lot with red /dark marks. I also stopped washing my face twice a day. Ill wash my face maybe once every 2 days. This has helped a lot too.

Well those are the ways I reduced my acne. I honestly just feel more alive and awake. My confidence is back. I feel like Im me again. Green tea reduces stress so Im not stressed or anxious all the time. My digestion is 100% better. Overall I just feel healthy again. And my face is showing it. Its only been three weeks and Im liking the results. I will update yall in 6 weeks.

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