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Week 2 (Day 14)



Hi guys, I wanted to start recording my journey since day 1 but i put it off but I'm starting it now on day 14. I will try to blog everyday my progress and update you all on how my skins doing and looking. I wont be posting pictures but I will make sure to be very descriptive on how my skin looks. I am ending weeks 2 and going into my third week.

Acne History:

I would like to start off with my acne history. I started getting breakouts in gr 7, it never did get better because i was constantly putting concealer, foundation, and powder to cover it. *note i never did have severe acne and I know many people have it worse but this is my personal story. So in grade 8 i started getting more and more breakouts, it was mainly on my forehead and i only got 1 or 2 pimples on my cheek or chin every month or so. I was very self conscious by this point because whenever i talked to people i always felt like they were staring at my acne, but like always this is never the case. Anyways so I always tried over the counter products to get rid of my acne but it never did. In the summer going into gr 9 I was determined to get rid of my acne for highschool, I bought a clarisonic hoping it would help, but it ended up irritating my skin and wasted money. I also tried Apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner and that actually helped alot, My skin looked significantly better and i didnt have to wear foundation anymore! Only a bit of concealer. I was very pleased and thought if i kept with the ACV i could be completely clear. Although my skin got better and I was more confident, my skin was still far from perfect. I would have tiny bumps on my forehead and i would always at least have one big under the skin breakout. I was fed up with my skin and hated it. So a month ago I decided to order the regimen online after a huge amount of research. I've watched just about every review on youtube and I was positive this time i could be completely clear!

My regimen journey till now:

So far the regimen has been a blessing and a curse for my skin. During the first week i was very happy because my skin was 75% clear and my skin wasnt too dry, when i put a bit of concealer on my skin looked very nice.

Now I have finished week two and my skin is different. On my forehead the tiny bumps i used to have are completely gone, my forehead is very smooth. Except near my hairline I have 1 under the skin breakout that is pretty big. I feel like it wont come up to the surface though, after a week i think it will be gone. My cheeks and chin are clear from breakouts. So you probably think my skin is perfect now except for one breakout, BUT you're wrong. My skin texture is absolutely horrible. I have white, dry, flaky skin around my mouth and every time i laugh or smile or try to eat, the flakiness is more visible and obvious. my forehead is normally very oily so it doesnt get flaky there. Also the texture of my skin is very rough. My cheeks used to be so soft but now it feels like sandpaper. I also have brown patches everywhere, my skin overall looks very uneven.

So that is my introduction and journey till now for my acne.org forum and I will update you guys everyday. I also wanted to mention tomorrow i go back to school from winter break and im so nervous because i dont want anyone to see my skin at this stage, hopefully this flaky, uneven skin stage will pass quickly!


You should definitely keep blogging...our skin sounds the exact same and we are the same amount of time into the regime. I too start class again tomorrow and am nervous for people to see my skin in this condition.

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to dicksonkylie
Thanks for reading and for sure I'll be blogging everyday. I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I hope the best to you at school tomorrow, chances are no ones going to treat you any different, its just our minds telling us our skin looks bad. Stay positive :)

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