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Retina A - 2 Months In



Time really flies... i've been so busy with school, work and family. I hate holidays.

During week 5 or 6, i broke out a little more but nothing serious and it faded away quite quickly. But afterwards my skin started looking and feeling really tight, shiny thin and irritated. My face would hurt. it was aweful so I went to see my doctor who was convinced that I overused my cream because of the breakout. I didn't use it any differently and I got so pissed at him for accusing me of that because the irritation started building up since he made me start using the cream everyday. It just peaked right after this second breakout. So i stopped using it for like two days (because I was angry with him) and I broke out again (became angry with myself then). So I started again.

Anyway, the irritation just didn't go away. So I went online and looked up ways to get rid of it. I tried moisturising more but I felt a big zit come out. So I started using it every other day and just using a moisturiser in between and that seems to be reducing the irritation. I've been doing that now for the past 2 weeks... thereabouts. My face doesn't hurt anymore!

My doctor's assistant called me during the week of Christmas to find out if I was coming and I hung up on her because I stay angry with people. I was exceptionally moody last month. Had a ton of extra unnecessary stress, even had extra fatty foods and less chances to sleep and drink water BUT my skin didn't break out badly at any point so I guess I'm not doing too badly. So I'm happy about that.

My back had about three new pimples. but my skin doesn't feel too bad. Almost feels like a normal person's skin. The skin on my chest feels rough but no pimples and it doesn't look rough so who cares. My boyfriend is the only other person who might touch me there but only by mistake since he usually aims for my boobs.

I always see views on my blog posts but no comments. you guys are mean. Hope you all have an acne free new year though.


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