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Introduction: The Regimen Uk Variation



So I'm 19 and suffered with blackheads and the odd spot/zit since i was 16.

However the last year or so my face has changed dramatically. My problem areas are my cheeks and jawline where a constant cluster of spots has made the area red and inflamed. I've also got a layer of whiteheads underneath the skin on my cheeks adding to the problem.

To complicate things further I have VERY sensitive skin and a mild eczema sufferer. After a year of using a variety of products that focus on mechanical cleansing i learnt that i had not been using the correct product or practice to suit my skin.

Most face washes i had previously used left my skin extremely dry and tight, I did not moisturise as i thought the skin was "shedding" and if i carried on would eventually reveal new skin underneath, however i soon discovered this was not the case!

So this lead me to The Regimen, unfortunately I live in the UK and import taxes and shipping costs mean I cannot use Dan's Acne.org products. I have chosen a few recommended alternatives.

Cleanser: Cetaphil Gentle Daily Cleanser

Treatment: I was prescribed Duac Gel (5% BP and 1%...............) by my doctor.

It is also worth mentioning initially I stupidly went in blind and smeared my face with it every night for 10 days. Often when i applied the Duac my skin was extremely dry from the face wash/ scrub which was made worse by the BP as well as my lack of moisturising! Looking back now it is so obvious why my skin flared up into some sort of rash, which only subsided after I went "caveman" for a few days to allow my skin to recover.

Moisturiser: Cetaphil Moisturising Cream.

Duac is a once a day product so my plan is to use The Regimen strictly at night when i can apply the Duac. As for the mornings, my skin is very sensitive and even the gentle cleansers can make my skin red. So I will simply was my face with a little water, or even leave it completely until the evening when I cleanse again using The Regimen. Hopefully this will keep my face as calm as possible during the day.


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