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Day 1 Accutane



So I am a 41 year old Asian male that is starting Accutane. I do not suffer from severe or moderate acne, just very mild. So why go to the extreme with Accutane? I had moderate acne as a teen and well into my 20's. It was on and off through those years and continued into my 30's. I did Proactvie and it helped control my acne for a bit. In my late 30's though I started breaking out worse and worse. No cystic acne, just the deep pustules. Then I finally went to a derm and got on Doxy and Trentenoin. That helped for about a year but then it came back. Not sure if my skin was getting used to the medication or what but my acne was coming back.

I want to say though I do not suffer from bad acne. Not like a lot of other people do on this site. I feel for them so much because when I get one stupid big acne, I feel depressed and I have no right to seeing what others are going through. I guess my issue is I am an adult. I would think this phase should be over for me but it's not. As a professional, it's hard to confront co-workers and clients when I have big pimples on my face but again I feel bad complaining about it considering what other have.

I talked with my derm intenesly about taking Accutane and he said there were two candidates for Accutane. Those that suffer sever cystic nodular acne and those that have persistent acne. I fall in the latter. My skin is very oily. The Trentenoin has helped it out but I think it's building resistance to it. My main reason to do Accutane is to get off of Doxy and to tame my breakouts.

I probably won't post everyday but will try to get as much info out there as I can (side effects, IB and progress). There aren't to many blogs with adults as old as me so hopefully this will fill that gap. Good luck to all who are trying to find life after their acne!

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I'm 39, so you are not alone! I still have acne but it is controlled through medications. I use antibiotics like cephalexin and amoxicillin and topicals like tretinoin and topical clindamycin. Since I started my regimen I have been pretty much clear. An occasional small pimple may arise from time to time but rare. Good luck with accutane! I felt embarrassed about having acne at my age...lol Peace!

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