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Caveman Regimen



Okay so basically you do exactly what the regimen is called. You act like a caveman. You let nothing (NOTHING) touch your face. Not even water. You may be thinking ewww gross but when you look at more information, you will see the theory behind the regimen. If you want a TON of information, check out a page called the love vitamin. Anyways have you ever felt like whenever you start using a new cleanser or face wags or whatever, that your acne either stays the same or gets worse!!??? I have! Okay so if I look at old pictures of me when I was a young kid, my face looks kind of oily but so healthy and blemish free! I remember when I got my first pimple which was nearly microscopic, at the age of 12. My mom started buying every product on the market for me. (My mom had bad skin and tells me she has used exfoliates since she was eleven!) I know she was trying to help but I used these cleansers and that's when my face started to break out. You see so many commercials that you think that when you become a teenager you will get pimples and you have to get dirt off your face. Well I read about an acid mantle and basically it is what helps your skin fight acne. When you use harsh products, you destroy this protective layer. By using the caveman regimen, you hopefully restore this acid mantle that fights acne. I'm no scientist but I think that everyone is supposed to get a pimple or too. However it depends on how you treat it. The people that don't do anything and leave it alone ALWAYS have nice skin. The people who start putting chemicals on their faces allow it to destroy the acid mantle which makes them acne prone. Now I've only had acne for maybe a year at most and I only have ten pimples maybe, but It also can be worse. I know some people will say its nothing but I'm still self conscious. Anyways I usually break out on my chin and recently I bought X out ( I'm not bashing X out and it may work for some people, just not me). I never get pimples on my cheeks. However I noticed whole using X out my chin kind of cleared up by I got two to three pimples on each cheek! I was so angry that I started washing with X out four to five times a day. I got Even more pimples! So I just threw X out away! That's when I found out about the caveman regimen. Here's a disclaimer: I'm already on day six of the regimen so I will recall the first few days. But starting on day six, everything will be written on the exact day. Anyway check out my updates for how this regimen is working. ( spoiler- it's awesome so far)


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