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Day 3



So today I found out that I am only supposed to be taking 40mg a day altogether instead of 80mg a day which i was currently taking for 2 days now. As for my skin nothing has happened but I do think that my spots on my right cheek are really improving. As for the side effects, nothing yet but I do think that I am getting slightly dry lips but nothing to bad non-bearable.

The real reason why I decided to take this product is because about 8 months ago I had perfectly clear skin and didnt have to worry about anything, I just enjoyed life and watched my friends deal with their spot problems but now it seems as if the tables have turned for the worst and now I am the one getting all the trouble. But when I'm done I will have perfect skin, I am a very positive person and I know not to get my hopes up, but then what else do I have to look forward to as far as my skin goes.


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