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1 Month + 11 Days



As far as acne goes, my face is extremely tolerable. I almost always have one or two small whiteheads on my face but they generally go away within a few days on their own and are easily coverable with makeup. I'm very pleased with my progress and will continue my regimen.

My face is wonderfully smooth and soft. It is balanced, never feeling too tight or too oily. My makeup blends into my face easily and, with a single layer of foundation, I quite enjoy my complexion. My real enemy now is hundreds of post acne marks. They just cover my face and are the only reason I am still wearing a full-coverage foundation right now.

I am still removing makeup with olive oil and my clarisonic. I no longer get unusual breakouts from my clarisonic. I feel it helps greatly with keeping my pores clean and my face soft. My pores seem slightly less visible but are still quite large around my nose. Overall, I really enjoy my clarisonic. I'm so happy to say that. I've had it for years and never had the guts to continue through the initial breakouts. I do believe it to be a wonderful part of my skin care.

I'm also still using my Reviva 10% glycolic acid cream at night only. I never miss a night with this stuff. It no longer itches, just stings very lightly for just a moment. It sinks into my skin quicker now than it did before, which is nice. I feel it has reduced some minor lines I have on my forehead from my constant eyebrow-raising. It also helps heal small acne. Half the time I can put this over a small whitehead and it will have disappeared by morning. This is also helping with the smoothness of my face and, in the long run, will help even out my complexion. That sure will take a while though.

Now, you may wonder about my homemade oil moisturizer. I have been using it nightly, however, I just don't feel it has been doing much for my skin. It is a wonderful hydrator and definitely keeps my skin balanced after all that exfoliation, but I feel it has so much more potential that is not being tapped into. From the get-go, I was doubtful about diluting the essential oils in so much of a carrier oil. I've used essential oils directly on my skin before with no adverse reactions. In fact, I find when I use straight tea tree oil, my oilies are reduced, acne is reduced and it is even wonderful for my acne marks! However, it was so diluted in my grapeseed oil, I felt I wasn't reaping any benefits. So, starting tonight, I ditched my carrier oil. Straight from the bottle, I poured four drops of rose hip seed oil, three drops of lavender oil, about 5 drops tea tree and 1 drop frankinsence onto my palm and rubbed it into my face. No stinging, no reaction. I just soaked right into my skin and it feels great! I think that's how I'll be using them from now on. I'll let you know how it goes :)

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Oils cause clogged pores. I think you need to slow down on the home remedies and talk to a dermatologist to see if adding oils to your face is a good idea. I know from experience. It can take awhile but you could be giving yourself a terrible case of cosmetic acne.

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