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2 Months Into Accutane



So today is exactly 8 weeks since I took my first isotretinoin dose. I have had no noticeable improvement since my last blog entry a week ago, or indeed the start of my course, so it appears my improvement will not happen in an early month as it does for others, but nonetheless I will continue :)

I had my 3rd dermatologist appointment yesterday. It was pretty simple- she asked about my side effects and to rate them as mild, moderate or severe. I tried to avoid the severe word as I didn't feel like I suffer anywhere near as much as some people seem to with the side effects! She also asked how I was feeling in myself and I told her truthfully that I was fed up of my skin, but that's no different to any other day! She didn't seem too worried about anything or the fact that it hadn't started working yet. I'm still on 50mg a day, presumably because we're working on a 1mg/kg dose.

I then decided to ask about the pill. I had originally opted out in order to try and avoid throwing medication at my body left right and centre. She assumed it was for its "main" purpose but in reality I'm hoping it will help improve the acne as well because I seem to have worse skin at certain days which I'm now concerned is to do with hormones, which worries me in case I'm not even meant to be on accutane. But it's probably just paranoia since I've had no improvement yet. I'm off to go have that awkward chat with my GP today about it all and see which he suggests.

I haven't changed any products I've been using so far, Carmex is still the only thing that comes close to sorting my dry lips! And I don't see any point in trying to find a new moisturiser when diprobase works perfectly well.

So, another week gone! I hope one day I'll be able to write a blog post raving about my improvement, but we'll see :)


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