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The Secret To Defeating Acne.



Happy New Year everyone!! Let's defeat acne together this year :)

As an acne sufferer for about 3 years now, I have FINALLY learned not to let my skin bring me down. Long time, I know!

From personal experience, I have noticed that whenever I was insecure about my skin, I would look worried and shy. That drew attention to my acne and people would stare. It made me feel terrible. I thought, "why are people looking? so rude!"

But then I realized that I was bringing this attention to myself because I LET my acne control me, my feelings, and confidence. I was worried what other people thought about me because I lacked my own self-confidence. I didn't have the confidence WITHIN myself. I decided that I wanted to end that. I decided to... SMILE!!!

That's the secret: smile.

If I don't worry about my acne, no one else will either. The reason is because I stopped worrying about "ME." There's so much more to life than your skin. And I know (trust me..I know) it's hard to not let it bring you down.

But think about something... if you are relying on clear skin to have confidence, do you really have confidence at all? If your skin NEVER clears, does that mean you are going to lack confidence your ENTIRE life?

I think the most confident people are those who do not have the 'perfect' societal image yet still love themselves and love life. It is so inspiring and makes them beautiful!

So, once I decided to live life without caring about my face, people started looking at ME. It's the best feeling EVER to finally let go.

You have so much going for you. Take a step in defeating your acne...don't let your acne control you. You are stronger! New year, new YOU!

Be happy, help others, SMILE!! :)


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